Ever since they came to our lives, they shifted their minds to wider horizons, they turned our lives upside down. Most would not even imagine 3 years ago that the crypto currencies would penetrate as strongly into the market and shake the whole world. 

It is important that people except huge sums of money that can turn to this market find a way to help in business, trading in as many things that have been in the past bruised and were inadequate, bad, things that had to be changed to take less time spend on irrelevant things that can be effectively and quickly resolved in the right way, by the right method.

Developers and founders to present something like this, something new, that will help us and what will bring users to themselves and allow users to be content with these with new methods, with this better working principle. Crypto currencies have greatly helped us, and how can we all help us to tell us the project we just announced. 

This is the project Modul Trade. It is a decentralized project based on the Ethereum network with ERC 20 compatible tokens. Ethereum network you probably already know, so there is no need to say anything. Have you ever heard of a company that is doing a great job, but it would be good for her to have another employer, but she never heard anything about it, the firm knew she would help her develop, but she simply did not have the loop to contract and doing business with that employer because he does not know him well, he does not trust him, he has no confidence that he will pay her the promise. There are so many companies in the world, and a simple factor hinders them to do business. 

This is where Modul Trade wants to unite all business on Earth, modernizing old principles that are inefficient and hinder development. The system will work so that the fees will be minimal and affordable, attracting people, not refusing people, working efficiently and quickly, and not meaningful long-lasting wait-times that have always thrown them into despair. It all brings with it larger numbers of users, greater customer satisfaction, which will be rewarded and have easy access to financing trade and trading, various taxes and insurance. Clever contracts will make it easier for the contract to be concluded, safely and securely, with low transaction costs. 

Long ago, in ancient times the trades of our ancestors had not been what we see today. At that time there was no or no currency in the entire archipelago. Their merchandise is not traded using money as a medium of exchange, but exchanging goods between them.

The way of trading that was in effect at that time was by barter system, ie the merchandise they brought was interchangeable in accordance with the needs and needs of each. For example: There are residents who dwell on the slopes of the mountain will barter with the inhabitants of the coast. A more complicated example: if our ancestors from Sumatra needed rice and other food, then they sailed to Java bringing the results earth in the area of ​​gold or silver to be traded or exchanged. Likewise those from the island of Maluku bring spices to the island of Sumatra Sumatra then they need gold or silver, then they also exchange the goods they carry with the required goods.

At that time the population did not know the currency as it is now. People make direct exchanges of the goods they need with the excessive stuff they have. 

But now the trading system has changed, who does not keep up with the times then they will be left behind, imagine you can now buy goods and sell goods with just one click. This is where the technological revolution of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology evolves. 

The redesigned blockchain technology how we do our business today has made life a lot easier and more efficient. Technology has been adopted by key industry days such as financial sector, health sector, music industry, insurance industry and many others who get on board. This technology became popular because it increased efficiency, reduced costs, increased transparency and safe and decentralized. 

Demand for MTRc is expected to be boosted by MVE and by the growth of theTrade module. ModuleTrade solutions are technologically measurable. Long-term platform scalability due to currents. 

Ethereal technology constraints are issues that can be addressed in some way that is feasible, safe and realistic. 

And so the conclusion. This is a very worthy project for investment. The ICO will be held from October 3, 2017 until January 27, 2018. The amount of the bonus for investing starts from 30 percent and from January 10 the size of the bonus is zero. So hurry up and the sooner you make the payment, the more tokens you get. 

More details can be found on the official website of the project. More technical information is here

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