Matchpool - dating platform that human connection

     It is a new revolutionary decentralized platform for acquaintance, based on smart ether contracts. The main thing is to create a pool, each person has the opportunity to create a pool, call their loved ones there, establish their own rules and open new formats for communication.

      A convenient way not only to communicate with your loved ones but also to find love, this is its second feature, which makes it easy to find your soul mate. 

     When you join the pool, you usually specify your personal data to create a more comfortable profile, but do not worry, everything is securely encrypted and guaranteed to be preserved, thanks to the technology of the blockchain.

     There are also many other useful functions implemented here, one of them is a matchlock that keeps the equality of girls and guys in the pool, when there is an excess of guys, their reception is temporarily blocked until the same number of girls arrive. As there are other add-ons where an arbitrary polarity of the market is required, the founder only needs to adjust the parameters with the type of pool that he wants to create.

     A matchpool app has been created with a clear interface allowing you to conveniently search for pools in various areas. In the process of use, the entire list of pools and their characteristics will be shown, so that everyone can choose what they like. 

     In this platform, cryptographic tokens (GUP) are used as a basis. 

     Users are divided into two categories, joiners (the first category) wishing to go to the pool pay some fee to the pool, certain hosts (the second category) also joiners will pay a monthly fee. To do this, GUP tokens based on smart etherium contracts are used. Hosts receive dividends from its pool.

     The first 200,000 users will get GUP absolutely free, they just need to register with the system.

    Join, enjoy communication, look for your soul mate, and feel all the charms and features of our application on yourself.

    Official website:


How to get a gup award, where do I register?