The twenty-first century is full of surprises, amazing events and the invention of various innovative technologies. In the rapidly developing reality, an integral part of our lives, the Internet has become. A feature of our time is the form of our communication, namely the transfer of information, which has almost completely moved into virtual reality. Due to its features, any intangible object can be patented. Modern man is very difficult to surprise that it creates a tough competition everywhere and practically in all spheres of the life of society and as a result, it becomes necessary to patent the rights to intangible objects.

Of course, not every non-material object is something valuable, but if something is the result of creative or intellectual activity is something completely innovative or unique, then it can be defined as intellectual property and can be licensed or patented.

I think that when huge streams of information move through the Internet, it is very difficult to establish authorship and will not lose copyright on their invention. A patent for an invention can not only please the ambitious person's pride, but also can be a powerful engine of progress, and various stimulation and motivation can become this "engine".

History Loci: The problems in this market segment, namely in the licensing of inventions, as well as the assignment of copyrights, did not suit the creators of the Loci platform. The ambitious team was determined to create a multifunctional platform that will help to expand the capabilities of inventors around the world. The main goal of this platform is the verification and licensing of the intellectual property of users. 

Loci advantages: 
Loci focuses mainly on ensuring that the process of patenting, searching among existing ideas, contributes to maximum efficiency, as well as saving time and other resources. 

Mechanisms and a special approach Loci:
Loci created an amazing and progressive mix of blockchain technology, machine learning, a mechanism with the ability to predict - special analysis and much more.

Advantages Loci:
At the moment, the entire procedure from the creation of the invention itself to the moment of its licensing is a tedious, long and expensive process, which does not benefit either inventors or other people. All this clot of negative factors darkens the life of any inventor, who often force him to "sell" the invention on the market than to go through a string of complexities and bureaucratic red tape.

Loci features:
The main product of the Loci project is the InnVenn platform, which acts as a tool and is aimed primarily at enabling the user to perform an easy and convenient search for items of interest. It will help a person by keywords, the main context, typed in the search engine to understand whether his idea is unique or has already appeared somewhere before. With the help of a special and very useful Venn diagram, the query will be examined and processed as quickly as possible, very effectively and that it is important that the search be carried out exactly according to what you are looking for.

To whom it may be interesting?
Such a project will find its application in a large number of spheres. It can be useful for various patent offices and their representatives, inventors, scientists, various progressive people who, like me, see great potential in investing in the Loci project.If my article could interest you and you decide to support the project, I advise you to first acquaint yourself with the white book, which is an integral and very important part of any ayzio. I'm sure that this can bring you closer to an understanding of all the nuances and details.

The result.
I think that in the world there is a huge number of talented people who find themselves and their vocation in various fields. Each person is a unique person, many of whose ideas can be of enormous benefit for a single individual, and for all mankind. The project will help establish authorship, patent their inventions and many other important processes that are the foundation for building a new ecosystem in the field of intellectual property. 

The ICO dates until December 31, 2017. Do not be late, you can invest here. 

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