INS - Decentralized market for people


ICO will be held from 4 December  to 25 December 2017.

At the preliminary sale, the price of 300 INS is determined in one etherium.

INS is a scalable platform that runs on a blockchain. The goal is to allow consumers to purchase products from direct producers, to exclude middlemen, which will help sell products at reduced prices. 

The key goal of the Fund is to decentralize the market for people who do not have sufficient experience in the trade of crypto currency and information about the detainee.

Ecosystem will not only help those who make transactions with crypto-currencies. The plans to reach a wide audience. Of course, all this requires a clear idea of ​​the state of things in the food industry, an understanding of its specifics, knowledge of the regulatory framework. We dare to assert that our team is able to carry out its plans. After all, real professionals are invited, perfectly aware of the wishes of producers and consumers. The process of acquiring tokens will not cause difficulties, which will eliminate misunderstanding and unnecessary questions.

The project is based on close cooperation with producers and consumers. The first, of course, will be interested in ensuring the rapid development of the ecosystem, the emergence of the possibility of creating their own applications that help in individual branding. The second (the buyers) will not be disappointed either. After all, no one wants to overpay. 

The INS fund stimulates the category of producers that do not have direct contacts with consumers to date. The platform will help to correct the current situation. The decentralized principle, laid in its basis, assumes the extraction of additional income. The presented model offers users to earn tokens, which is an additional stimulating factor. To spend the same cryptocurrency will be on purchase of food stuffs. 

How it works.

Developers INS plan to implement the following: 

Create an ecosystem that allows direct interaction. Through INS, manufacturers will reach out to consumers, exclude middlemen, which will give a 30% savings to customers. With such a combination of circumstances, loyalty and promotion programs will appear, and feedback will be established. 

Entering the INS token market. This simplifies the conduct of transactions, eliminates retail networks, helps to reduce the cost of products, increases the level of confidentiality, provides security, improves the user experience. 

How does all this work?

Consumers and food producers are directly linked. Retailers cease to play a dominant role. There are contracts smart, providing operations. 

Benefits received by consumers. 

The quality of food rises, its cost decreases. The goods are sold online. Their acquisition is simplified. There is a possibility of direct access to the selected suppliers.

What do manufacturers get?Possibility of control over price formation, product listing. The marketing policy is aimed at the end user. 

Information on PreICO and ICO.

A total of one hundred and fifty million tokens will be released. In the framework of the crawsdale, ninety million tokens are sold. One etherium is equivalent to three hundred INS. Tokens are purchased for altoquin, etherium, bitcoins. You can use bank transfer.

PreICOThere is a thirty-five percent discount. The minimum invested amount is determined by one etherium. It is planned to collect ten thousand ethereum. The PreICO started on the sixteenth of October and will last until the twenty-third of October.


Starts on the fourth of December.Assume to collect a minimum of twenty thousand ethereum. The maximum is determined in two hundred thousand ethereum. The minimum amount of investment is one tenth of the etherium. There is a twenty-five percent discount. 

How will INS be distributed? 

Sixty percent are entitled to pre-sale participants. Twenty per cent is allocated to the reserve fund. Fifteen percent will receive the team as a reward. Five percent will be allocated to the bounty, early supporters, advisers. 

How will the funds be distributed? 

Maintenance of the infrastructure will require twenty-five million dollars. Sixteen million dollars are needed for research and development. On sales and marketing will allocate twelve million dollars. Three million will reserve for unforeseen expenses. Two million will be needed to resolve legal issues. 

Bounty :

Of the five hundred thousand INS (five hundred thousand dollars) allocated for the campaign, twenty percent will go to:

Twitter and Facebook; Video and blog; Signature Campaign; Telegram Bounty; Translations & Community managment.

Thirty percent will be needed for the subscription campaign. Fifteen per cent is allocated for transfers. Thirteen percent need to pay for assignments, and two percent for a Bounty telegram.

The referral reward is paid to INS after the ICO ends and is five percent of the number of tokens purchased by users who come by the link. The minimum amount of the pool is determined by three hundred tokens. 


Petra Fedchenkova is entrusted with the duties of SEO. Dmitry Zhulin is responsible for the strategy. Dmitry Horvatovich deals with smart and blockchain contracts. Technology on Dmitriy Bobylev. Marketing issues are handled by Nikolai Lipkin. PR - Maria Lapuk. Pavel Glukhov was charged with operations. Coordination of all actions is entrusted to Oleg Litvin and Pavel Yakshankin - project leaders.


The creators of the Fund, of course, have ignited a noble idea. Overpay for food is unlikely anyone wants. However, your support is needed. Join and contribute to the development of the project. 

Follow the news of the project and the conditions of the ICO.


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