HDAC - New payment and contract platform


Greetings! If you are reading this article, you are a technology and digital money enthusiast like me. As much as I like to follow developments and projects closely in this world. Soon, I will transfer a project, which I think is the best project of recent times, to you in an immaculate and simple way.

Hdac is a technology bomb project that is powered by a very powerful team and is literally supported by giant corporations. We live in such an age that it has become almost impossible for us to do something independent of technology and digital devices. We can not deny this fact to any of us. This project promises to save time by bringing together a few concepts related to technology, making life easier and raising the speed of operation to the most reliable level. You are your own bank.

Hdac technology; It is a system that brings together the concept of IOT with Fintech and blockchain technology. With this technology, users will have full control over the transactions and the entire procedure will be secure from start to finish. As is known, the digital world is always very concerned about security, even if we like the practicality that it gives us when it comes to that. This system combines both private and public block chains, promises a transaction rate that has never been reached before, and guarantees that there will be no security breaches thanks to the technology it combines. 

If you're a little confused here, I'll give you some examples of what I mean. But before passing on to these examples, IoT (internet of things) is what we explain:

IoT points to a concept that we call "internet of objects" in Turkish. We have mentioned that technology and digital devices occupy every moment of our lives, which means that every device that can provide internet access can communicate with each other. So the devices will know each other. The Hdac system that incorporates this concept provides us with: we can make a payment with our digital device, create an agreement or contract. And all this we do is secured within the security of the Hdac system. It is worth mentioning that the concept of IOT plays a major role in the development of this concept by providing the most essential cornerstones for the Hdac IOT, on the verge of a huge development.

With Hdac, we can easily authenticate, plan and pay for devices from our devices. 

Pay from device to device: This concept means that devices can bill each other. 

Authentication: means that any device can diagnose and recognize another device without problems. 

Planning: It is enough that the device has been specified, once a device has been determined, it will be able to connect smoothly. Hdac is such a project; Fintech, IoT, and blockchain technology are all brought together to make all of the above mentioned processes smooth and reliable. This gives users the opportunity to benefit from the speed they need and the speed they need. Already, the team that created this project identified it as a "process innovation" label. If you are interested in Blockchain and digital money, then you are following a lot of technologies covering them. So you know that the most important driving force behind a progeny is the team that created it. Talking about team members and partners supporting the project would be unfair to the size of this project: 

To say that this project is supported and uncovered with such a team name as HYUNDAI, which is one of the most advanced technology companies, is enough to explain that the created system is a true technology innovation.

Before writing this article, I searched the cleanest information I could find about the Hdac project and aimed to express the benefits of the project in the simplest language. Technology can sometimes be complicated for us, so it can sometimes be difficult to see its benefits and beauty. Trying to express such a comprehensive and important project by reducing the bases allows me to understand its best aspects. But still I tried to transfer the entire procedure in general terms. 

TOKEN SALES PROGRAMToken sale: November 27 December 22. Invest on the official website.

What is the Hdac Token? Hdac a blockchain intelligent token, is built on the Hdac platform and can be said to have been created to fulfill the various commands given in IoT. 

In summary, in your IoT atmosphere you will be your own bank with your digital device and you will have full control over the payments, agreements, contracts you make. Moreover, thanks to the Hdac system, all these operations can be done safely

More detailed technical information can be found in the whitepaper.



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Very interesting. If it develops in a real ecosystem it will be expensive