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Today we will discuss a completely new, innovative project in the sphere of banking services, with the name Crypterium.

So, let's begin!

Our present modernity is full of rapid changes in absolutely different spheres. This is how the banking industry has progressed. We see significant changes in the sphere of customer service, in the use of digital payments: there is no longer any need to constantly carry all these cards, even paper money is unnecessary to be constantly worn. It's enough just to have a gadget on which a special application will be installed, where your e-currency will be located, that's all and will allow further calculation for the goods.

Also, there is a rapid development of technology blockchain and crypto currency industry. It should be noted that if we combine all these factors of development, we will ultimately obtain very great advantages, as for the client, this is openness, complete security, stability, accessibility of calculation in any part of the world.

But, I will be frank before you, the use of crypto currency for the calculation of goods, for today, is a small problem. To take all the benefits from cryptotokens, we need to produce their own crypto, that is, convert the fiates into active currencies (bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.)

What does the Crypterium project offer?

Crypterium Cryptobank will be the first step in resolving this issue. It will be available for download via iOS or Android and will be ready for use on mobile devices immediately. Unlike conventional mobile banks, which take a considerable amount of time to process data, Crypterium Cryptobank will provide instant action to the processing mechanism in the currency transaction fiat, as well as crypto operations, providing the possibility of interchangeability between them. 
With the help of Crypterium digital clients, you can finally use the crypto currency to pay for goods based on fiat without restrictions on transactions and with a low commission on any of the existing 42 million payment terminals in the world and in many online stores and payment points. 

Development stages from Crypterium.
Over the past 5 years, the team in Crypterium has built a platform on which the crypto services service will be launched.
The next stage of development will be the release of a payment platform for crypto processing, which, in turn, will have its own crypto-currency CRPT, to ensure the upcoming transaction process.
The platform will be ready for release at the end of the fourth quarter of 2017 the beginning of the first quarter of 2018.
A global cryptographic infrastructure was created. Merchants receive money for money, even if payment is made in the crypto currency.
Ready-to-use solutions for e-commerce platforms and site developers, commission fees are much lower than acquiring a card just 0.5%.
Built-in stock exchange and marketing platform, solutions for automatic loyalty programs Integration with the main PO for POS: R-keeper, Inpass, Cegid, Amber 18 unique solutions for each retail and service industry: SMB, street retail, HoReCa, e-commerce, transport sphere, vending, parking and others.

is a banking platform that will allow developers to develop a decentralized economy.
Brand new cryptoeconomics

Crypterium, instead of using traditional payment cards, uses the currency fiat using the exchange of cryptoconversion through personal smartphones.
It is also expected that any crypto currency will be instantly transferred to any local currency anywhere in the world, where non-cash payments through contactless payment terminals are possible and can later be spent. This all this will be done faster, cheaper and safer than any other currency bank.

Comparison of the best traditional banks in the world with the new Bank Blockchain

With the advent of any new technology of changing the market, the old world order often tries to adapt to new world realities. While the current world giants solve the problem of upgrading their systems, Crypterium makes it much faster, picking up new specialized Cryptobanks based on blockchain connections. Below are the factors that distinguish the new modern banks of banks with existing traditional banks.

CrypteriumSX (Smart eXchange)
The technological platform crypterium is based on algorithms that provide the most effective comparison of rates and offers between a natural peer-to-peer flow, as well as third-party crypto-exchange systems. All historical transactions are stored in a specialized data warehouse, and also allows Crypterium to optimize the process of exchanging crypto-currencies and better inform the client about possible methods of payment.

ICO Pre ICO coins start on October 31, 2017. Cost of 1 CRPT token: 0.0001 BTC Sales of tokens: 75 days with possible automatic launch in order to achieve the ultimate goal of ICO Limit cap on the number of tokens: 300,000,000.

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