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A project that is urgently needed. The project, which will directly contribute to the promotion and popularization of the Crypto-currency. Bazista is a trading platform that provides an easy and reliable way of converting digital assets into goods and services.

One of the main objectives of the project is to simplify the system of trade and exchange operations using crypto currency between users, which will ensure transparency of trade operations. 

The founders of Bazista proceed from the fact that the main purpose of crypto-currency is the implementation of payments. And it's hard not to agree with this. Simply put, any person with a certain amount of digital assets must be able to quickly and safely spend this very digital asset on the goods or services that he needs. Well, respectively, anyone who wants, should be able to sell goods or services for crypto currency or tokens. 

Project CEO Vakhtang Abuladze:

"It is necessary to create marketplaces for real penetration of crypto currency as a means of payment. The more infrastructure projects will appear on the market, the more people will begin to trust and use crypto currency as money. Trade has always been one of the most important factors in the development of the economy and the digital economy is no exception! At the moment, things are exactly the opposite. Unfortunately, now the turnover of crypto-currencies between users is more investment and speculative. Only three large chain stores accept bitcoin for payment.

And this is exactly what Bazista can change already tomorrow! Buyers will be able to convert digital assets into real goods and services, and a convenient interface will make shopping easy, fast and safe. It is possible to purchase goods without preliminary registration (purchase in a few clicks). The use of crypto-currency as a means of payment will allow the buyer to save from 1.5 to 3% on currency conversion in cross-border transactions. Absence of taxation when buying exchanging goods and services paid for by crypto currency due to the uncertain status of crypto currencies in most countries of the world (Tax Free). Almost instant payments for all holders of crypto-currency assets the platform will provide a significant reduction in time costs when making transactions. For holders of BZS tokens (Bazista), discounts of up to 70% on promotional items are provided.

Vendors will receive ready-made solutions and sets of technical and marketing tools for selling their goods, and they will also be able to avoid paying commissions if they issue their own tokens. Charges that are planned to be levied on sellers when making a transaction will amount to 4% of the value of the goods, but placing the goods on Bazista, under certain conditions, sellers will be able to pay a lower interest, or not pay at all. As well as buyers and sellers, using crypto-currencies as a means of paying for goods and services will be spared from the time spent monitoring and checking payments by local and international regulators. Additional marketing tools, including the creation of a proprietary CPA network within the platform, with the possibility of flexible adjustment of fees for intermediaries. 

For promoters, it is possible to receive remuneration for the sale of goods or services of other users of the platform.

Below, on the diagram, the key elements of Bazista are presented. In general, Bazista is a platform for exchanging B2C and C2C, which combines all the advantages of such giants of the market, as eBay, Amazon and Alibaba (ratings, tracking delivery, arbitrage transactions, etc.). In addition, the close interaction of the platform with the technology of blockchain provides significant advantages in terms of transparency and security of transactions between the seller and the buyer. 

As a result of the above, Bazista, by one fact of its creation and of course existence, will contribute to the growth of the rate of crypto currency, increase the involvement of users and give impetus to the development of the use of crypto currency as a universal means of payment. 

Token BZS:

I already mentioned several times the platform token BZS, so I see the point to tell about it a little more.
The developers decided to create and release their own token, although they could not do this and launch the platform to work with existing crypto-currencies. This option would be much simpler, but would severely restrict both the functionality of the site and the opportunities for growth. 

Pre-ICO will be held from November 16 to November 21. ICO starts on December 4. 

On the ICO for one etherium will be given eleven thousand BZS. Problems solved by the platform Bazista is a platform for exchanging C2C and B2C. Calculations between users here take place using an entirely new algorithm. The service enables the exchange of services and goods for crypto currency. Bazista combines the advantages inherent in Alibaba, Amazon, Ebay. There is tracking of delivery, rating system, payments are deposited, the correctness of the conclusion of transactions can be checked by arbitration. All this contributes to bringing this type of business to a completely new level. Bazista will compete with such a decentralized C2C OpenBazaar site. 

A special feature was the significant simplification of access to all services and forms, the possibility of using technology exchange services and various ideas. Thanks to the platform, users publish ads from their gadgets, making a photo of the products offered.

Careful attention is paid to security when carrying out transactions. The goal is achieved through the use of an integrated rating system and internal tokens. Loyal platform users are entitled to additional bonuses in the form of a discount for the purchase of goods, access to the best offers, exemption from payment of fees for transactions. 

Creation of the infrastructure of the crypto-currency market is entrusted to the marketplace. Platform customers exchange, sell, buy services and goods and calculate for them tokens. 

Developers of the project one of the main tasks consider the maximum simplification of the system responsible for trading operations with the crypto currency. The digital economy on the blockchain every day becomes more important. Bazista pursues the goal of integrating the crypto currency into the real economy, making the methods of its use understandable and convenient.

Marketplace users are direct participants in the development of the project. Deposited payments and a rating system ensure the security of transactions. BZS determine the conditions on which the platform is used. Loyalty of users increases with the increase in the number of benefits, offers, all sorts of discounts, various bonuses. Principle of operation of Bazista Benefits.

Bazista is an international trading platform, using as a means of payment a crypto currency, characterized by the following:

When depositing tokens, the commission is four to zero percent. 

Loyal members can count on special offers and discounts. 

When converting, there are no additional commissions. 

Promotion of other participants promises additional income. If payment is made by reference with the tag utm, then its owner from the seller is entitled to a reward. 

Transactions are transparent and safe, which ensures the blockchain.

The pricing is floating or fixed and depends on the exchange rate. 

UX-design, intuitive navigation make the platform as convenient as possible. Pre-ICO and ICO.

Tokens BZS (standard ERC223) will be issued four hundred forty million. 

During the Pre-ICO, which starts on the sixteenth of November, a 30% discount is provided. It is planned to sell thirteen million two hundred thousand tokens. Eleven thousand BZS are equated to one ethereum. The realization will be allowed for three hundred sixty five million two hundred thousand BZS. 

In the first twenty-four hours, a fifteen-percent bonus is provided. From the second day to the seventh, users will receive a 10% bonus. From the seventh to the fourteenth day, the bonus will be five percent. The maximum goal and the minimum is not set. How to distribute tokens? 

At ICO, three hundred and sixty-five million two hundred thousand tokens will be allowed, which is eighty-three percent. Team Bazista relies on five percent (twenty-two million BZS). Seventeen million six hundred thousand (four percent) is a reserve. Three percent will be allocated to consultants and on the Pre-ICO. Distribution of funds.

The marketing budget will be seventy percent. Twenty percent is allocated to legal issues and administrative costs. Five percent will go to improve the platform. What benefit do investors get? 

Tokens holders will be granted access to additional sections. They will be able to participate in special promotions, get the status of "Premium". 

Sellers are given the opportunity to fine-tune the account. 

The services provided by the platform, when using tokens rely on discounts. 

Bounty The campaign will spend two percent. Of these funds, forty percent will go to translations, twenty-five percent to blogs. Twenty percent will be allocated on Twitter. Fifteen percent will be allocated on Facebook. Command The team is assembled from talented people in different spheres who are real professionals who are striving to create a better service of trade in real time.  


Nowadays, buying something, ordering some kind of service is not at all connected with going to the store. You can go online and buy goods. However, not all services are convenient to use, which can not be said about Bazista. The uniqueness of the project is obvious. Surely it will be a success. In other words, it will bring profit. So why should you lose out if you can diversify your investment portfolio with another project. 


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